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Electronic Cooling: design & Engineering & Development process
Refrigeration Technology
Our Innovative Technologies:
Electronics & Electrical & Wire Harness Design
  • Electronic Cooling Solutions
      Our Expertise:
    • Ideas For Design
    • Basics Of Design
    • Mechanical Analysis: Thermal Design Thermal and Fluidflow Analysis Airflow / Thermal Experiments and Evaluation
  • Optimizing System-Level Power Distribution Network Design for PCB
  • PCB Innovative Technologies and PCB Design: Design Creation Circuit Simulation Layout & Routing Library & Data Management Design for Manufacturing and Fabrication
  • System Verilog Verification Methodology
  • Analog and Mixed-signal Verification for Advanced PCB Devices
  • Board Consideration for high Performances
  • Electrical and Wire Harness Design: Electrical wiring Design & Simulation Wire Harness Design & Layout Design of Complete Electrical Systems & Wiring Harness and Harness Engineering Wiring Design to Manufacturing Valid Design & Successive Verification System Design and System Definition & System Integration and Physical Wiring

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