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About Us & Relevant Topic
  • EPRDV-Engineering solutions to meet your needs and budget.
  • majority percent - more than 90% of our team hold Ph.D degrees.
  • eprdv-engineering Co. Ltd. can develop its Research-Developmem R/D thanks to the professionals in its research teams.
  • EPRDV-Engineering total professional TEAM-experience exceeds 30 years which means EPRDV-Engineering, integrated Engineering solutions, had the capabilities and experience to meet and often exceed any customer challenge or problem in a fast, accurate and cost effective way.
Our methodology
  • Our methodology creates high quality products that are poised for success in the market.

  • It took years to perfect our research, development and manufacturing processes. Even when it was hard, we stuck with it - because we knew that a strong methodology compliant with the QSR and ISO Quality Standards would ultimately define our services.
  • Area with significan experience gained in:
    • Multiphysics: Multiple physical models - multiple simultaneous physical phenomena
    • Energy efficiency - Efficient energy use
    • Quality assurance, project complexity and management methodology
    • Thermal and fluidflow consulting, design and analysis thermal boundary Layer Design associated with boiling "Temperatur Profiles - compressible flow - turbulent flow" coupled FEM-CFD
    • Electronics Design & Wire/Harness Design
    • Analog, Digital, Symbolic, RE, VHDL, MCU, and Mixed-Mode Circuit Simulation & PCB Design
    • Vibroacoustics / Stress-Strain consulting, design and analysis
    • Research and development
    • Vibroacoustics & Airfloflow & Thermal Experiments and Evaluation
    • Multidisciplinary design, analysis, optimization and redesign
    • CFD/FEA-contained packages' implementation -CFD/FEA methods
    • Valuating methods
    • CAD-Modeling
    • Solid modeling and optimization
    • Renewable energy and sustainable development

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